Transfers made between accounts held in multiple institutions – how to save some money

Transfers made between accounts held in multiple institutions – how to save some money

Those high fees for bank-to-bank transactions may be reduced when you send money the right way. There are so many different ways to send and receive funds that you no longer have to use the traditional banking method. However, if you still need to send funds internationally to a bank account, there is also a money services provider that’ll make it a lot less costly for you. 


EFT transfers

International bank transfers via the SWIFT network are costly due to the high fees. To bypass that, you can send an EFT which is a local bank transfer. With your money service provider account, the funds may be sent internationally to over fifty countries to include Australia, China, Mexico, Nigeria, and Vietnam. Using this secure payment method costs a lot less than those transfer fees made using the SWIFT network. The funds typically are credited to the recipient’s bank account in less than twenty-four hours. 

A money services company

When you discover the advance payment solutions that a money services company has, you’ll get to save a lot of money. It has the traditional bank transfer methods for sending funds through the SWIFT network and wire transfers. You’ll also have the capacity to use the app for sending funds from a card. 

Send money for free 

When you use the peer-to-peer (P2P) option of this money services company, you’ll be able to send money without fees. Both the sender and the recipient must have the money services app for the P2P transfer. To send money for free is a big advantage, as the high cost of transfer fees is totally eliminated. 

Seamless transactions

We all desire seamless transactions that give us peace of mind. We would like to click and forget it, knowing that we can check if the money is credited or debited. We also want to know if the money has been received or if it is ready for us to get it from a money transfer branch. The methods for sending and receiving funds that we prefer are those that we can use on our mobile devices, as that way, we can monitor our financial transactions.

Cost of going offline

When you go offline to use other transfer services, you spend time, effort, and might have transportation expense. When you spend time, it will be lost forever. For seamless online transactions, it is best to download a multi-purpose money services provider app that has both the traditional methods for sending funds and advanced payment solutions. With the right app, you can send money for free using the P2P method.

Make a smart move

Our mobile devices give us the power to work faster and save money. All we need to do is discover the right money services company that makes us have the capacity to send money online using a variety of options. It is the smart move to make to download a multi-functional app that’ll save you money on transfer fees and be able to send funds for free.